Do you have the endurance to keep up?
In today’s business arena, traditional measurements of success no longer hold up. And the reasons are digital – the devices customers use in their lives, the channels they take to purchase, their engagement with disruptive competitors.The challenge is clear: the war is no longer the same. And winning it requires developing a different set of strengths, not just a crash diet of apps and tactics.

How does the prospect of entering a 4th Industrial Revolution make you feel?

Indifferent or Curious? Where Indifferent is equal to 1 and Curious is equal to 5. *

Pessimistic or Optimistic? Where Pessimistic is equal to 1 and Optimistic is equal to 5. *

What was the impact of digitalization on your day-to-day job so far? *

There is currently a debate around the impact the digital revolution will have on employment. In your opinion, what will be the impact of the digital revolution? *

Thinking about what a digital business looks like, which of the following is your organization doing? *

On a scale from 1 to 5, how do you think the digital revolution will disrupt your industry over the next 3 years? *

How much do you expect your business model to be changed because of digitalization over the next 1-3 years? *

In your opinion, which are 3 technologies that will shape the Romanian business environment over the next years? *

For the following statements, please provide your level or agreement for your organization’s current state and your desired state.

My organization understands the importance of digital transformation and the 4th Industrial Revolution. *

My organization’s leadership has considered both the costs, savings and return on investment associated with digital transformation. *

Is your company more likely to buy or develop internally a new digital / tech solution when needed? *

Is your company more likely to look at international providers or local providers when choosing a new solution? *

When do you think your company will acquire/develop new tech/digital solutions? *

How much does your company invest annually in digital solutions? Please consider digital marketing solutions, hosting, automated systems, etc. *

In your opinion, what’s slowing digital progress across your industry? *

How would you describe your company when it comes to the maturity of the digitalization process: *

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